Pete Sheridan a/k/a 'The Jukester'

has been a professional musician and vintage equipment
specialist for the past 45+ years.

During this time he has performed as
harp player, lead vocalist, and slide guitarist, fronting a succession of blues
combos from The Juke Jelly Blues Band (1970-1974) to The Jumpin' Mud Cats
(1990-1992). He was a founding member and the featured harp player of The Triple A Blues Band
from 1990 to 2012, and his signature harp tone was a major part of the band's sound on
their debut CD "High Water," released in 1997,
and their follow up CD "Pork Chop Money", released in 2000.

Current projects include
fronting the blues combo The Tone Patrol,
performing on harp and slide guitar with The Jameson Boys trio,
and presenting workshops on harp technique and amplification.

Future plans include
compiling a book of blues-jazz standards in harp notation and appearing solo with rack
harp, mandolin, and guitar, performing both original and classic blues filtered
through his own approach to harp and slide.

Pete has appeared with many national and regional blues acts, including:

Buddy Guy

Maurice John Vaughn

Luther "Guitar Jr." Johnson

The Nighthawks

Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown

Johnny "Clyde" Copeland

Little Ed and The Blues Imperials

Otis Clay

Satan and Adam

Big Jack Johnson

Kenny Neal

Lucky Peterson

Smokey Wilson

E.C. Scott

James Peterson

Guy Davis

James "Super Chikan" Johnson

Since 1989 he has been a regular performer at the Central Pennsylvania Festival of The Arts and has appeared at a number of regional blues festivals, including the Western Maryland Blues Fest in Hagerstown, Maryland, the Chameleon Blues Festival in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the Bluefish Music Festival in Wildwood, New Jersey, and the Woodshed Blues & Jazz Festival at Lincoln Caverns, Pennsylvania.

He cites Little Walter Jacobs, Rice Miller (Sonny Boy Williamson #2) and Big Walter Horton as major influences on harp, with his main slide guitar inspirations coming from Elmore James, Robert Nighthawk, and Hound Dog Taylor.

As a blues researcher, historian and journalist, Pete's articles and comments
have been published in Guitar Player Magazine, Living Blues Magazine,
Blues Review Magazine, Blues Access Magazine, American Harmonica Newsmagazine, The Guitar Player Book, and The Harmonica Educator.

In addition to maintaining a busy performing schedule, he accepts a limited number
of students for one-on-one instruction in blues harp and slide guitar techniques.

He also builds solid body guitars and amplifier speaker cabinets with the "Jukeophonic" logo, and refurbishes vintage tube amps.

Pete has also served as a judge in the International Blues Challenge competition for the Blues Society of Central Pennsylvania, headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

In May of 2011 Pete performed as the featured harmonica player in a production of the musical Big River, presented at the Milton Hershey School located in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Big River is the only Broadway musical to feature a harmonica as the opening voice in the overture, as well as in a number of other sections in the score.

During an eight-year stay in Los Angeles (1980-1988) he met and became friends with George "Harmonica" Smith, William Clarke, Pee Wee Crayton, Blind Joe Hill and Smokey Wilson, and was a frequent visitor to Smokey's famed Pioneer Club in Watts. During this time he also performed with his guitarist brother Kevin in The Sky Dogs band before moving back East in the fall of 1988 to form The Blind Robins band, playing throughout central Pennsylvania till 1990 when he became a founding member of the Triple A Blues Band.

During his research he has interviewed numerous blues harp and guitar players, including:

George "Harmonica" Smith

William Clarke

John Hammond

Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown

Smokey Wilson

Johnny Dyer

Pee Wee Crayton

George Thorogood

Blind Joe Hill

Pete's first book, "The Quest for Tone In Amplified Blues Harp," has received
acclaim from harp players worldwide.

Pete's second book "Affordable Axes And
Cool Amps For The Slide Guitarist/Harp Player
" is an essential companion
volume to "The Quest For Tone...".

Pete's recently completed third book, "Wayne Raney - That Hillbilly Boogie Boy, Country Crooner, And Born Again Gospel Guy With The Talking Harmonica" is an in-depth look at the life and musical times of a seminal figure in the promotion of the harmonica as a legitimate instrument in American popular culture.

In June of 2001 Hohner, Inc. signed on Pete as an official endorser. He has
played Hohner harmonicas exclusively throughout his performing career.

The Tone Patrol - Performance Reviews:

"One of my favorite blues bands. These guys are the real deal - just straight-ahead blues
with no sweat, no fuss, no bother."

G.Wayne Laepple, The Daily Item, Milton, PA

"The Tone Patrol are Blues Masters. This band is on a roll, blasting the blues all over Central PA to great acclaim. Real American music - classic tunes from the golden age of Chicago blues, plus a slew of cool originals from the band."
Tim Bowser, The Equinox Cafe, Millheim, PA

Jukester's Harmonica Supplies - Customer Endorsememts and Testimonials:

"I purchased a chrome finish Astatic T-3 with a NOS Shure CM element from Pete. As promised, the transaction went very smoothly and the microphone arrived in excellent condition. I was instantly impressed by its small size and feel. I have small hands and have always had trouble cupping the larger bullets such as the JT-30. I had to wait until that evening to actually try the mic out. As soon as I arrived home, I plugged into my Fender Pro Junior amp, picked up an A harp and was totally blown away with the tone the microphone exhibited. It was the sound I had been searching for, for years. I have gigged a number of times with this mic and constantly have people commenting on the sound. I commend Pete for providing such a fantastic microphone and would certainly purchase from him in the future."
Norm Weiss, New Jersey

"It's always been a pleasure dealing with Pete. The mics are always great and the service/shipping excellent. One of the best sellers of harp mics on the Internet."
Artie Goldklang, Florida

"Pete, I am always grateful for the first element you sold me, after my Blues Blaster crystal died... that was back in the early 90's. And all the priceless info you so selflessly offered up in your book for the aspiring harp geek... the amps section, the pictures of vintage mics, and what to look for. You started me out on this journey. And I thank you very much. You were clearly ahead of your time. You can feel happy you have made a mark on so many folks like me."
Kevin Coleman, Hawaii

"I've been very happy with the Brown Bullet I bought from Pete. It was accurately described and delivered as promised. I'd have no qualms about doing business with him again."
Greg Heumann, California

"I bought an Astatic Biscuit from Pete and love the mic. The mic is great and so was Pete's service. He was very responsive to questions I asked and shipped the mic very quickly. I'd heard of Pete years ago and read one of his books. He definitely knows his harp stuff. It was a pleasure to learn a thing or two about equipment from him along the way to receiving the mic."
Guy DeRosa, New Jersey

"I have had a few dealings with Pete Sheridan and found the dealings to be straight up. No problems at all. Thanks, Pete. Happy days."
Pasi Jalava, New Zealand

"I stumbled across Pete's website by accident. I was looking for a few rare parts to round out my Harmony Guitar collection. Pete had some of these parts listed on his website. After finding his e-mail address on the website I corresponded with Pete. We exchanged telephone numbers right off the bat and within one day we were talking. Pete's knowledge of vintage parts and guitars is an obvious passion. He helped me land parts for my guitars as well as hard to find tubes for a couple of vintage amplifiers I have. He is quite generous in giving out knowledge about ideas as well as parts regarding vintage gear. It was nice to correspond with somebody with great respect to my needs and questions. Keep writing, Pete. Your book was excellent and helped me track down instruments and tones I wasn't aware of. It opened my eyes to gear I wouldn't have looked into on my own."
Michael Goodis, Pennsylvania

"After consulting with Pete, I purchasd a vintage EV mic that I've used for amping my acoustic guitar and for vocals. I'm not a professional musician. I play and record for fun. Pete's recommendation was perfect. I also bought several tubes that have taken up permanent residence in my audio system. Pete made the transactions easy and communicating with him was a pleasure. I won't hesitate to do business with him again."
Tim Goodwin, Alabama

"Pete, my experience with you has been the very best, your generosity is ever amazing! I cannot even begin to put into words how grateful I am to have had your ear, advice, knowledge, your wonderful book, and that wicked Astatic Model 40 that you sold me. Even though we have never met face to face I think of you as a good friend, and have never had the smallest doubt of your honesty and integrity. I hope to stay in contact with you as long as we are both still on the planet. Your friend in the blues, J D."
James D. Hoskins, Washington

"Pete has been a tremendous help! Thanks to his book, "The Quest For Tone In Amplified Blues Harp", and his patient response to my numerous questions, he steered me in the right direction. I now have an old Super Reverb and an EV mic. Thanks again, Pete!"
Steve Kromer, Massachusetts

"I've bought a few things from Pete over the years and I always found he's prompt in sending stuff to me and real friendly in his e-mails. It's kind of like a handyman store for harp players - fair priced little treasures!"
Broderick Smith, Australia

"I find my dealings with Pete "The Jukester" Sheridan a real friendly, pleasurable experience. With his vast knowledge in the field of all things pertaining to Blues Harp/Slide Guitar/Amplification, I find myself turning to his books as a reference source that can be found nowhere else. As a rack mounted harmonica player, I find Pete to be an all important kindred soul in this rather obscure method and look forward to interacting with him more in the future."
Al Montro, Michigan

"I purchased a Shure Brown Bullet from Pete and it turned out to be one kickin' mic, exactly as he described. I was looking at a similar mic on other web sites and on eBay and prices were about $100 higher. Pete is a straight-shooter and great to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again."
Gerard Gagner, Calgary

"I received a Hohner 270 Chromatic from Pete at a ridiculously low price. Pete is a fantastic guy who does proper, prompt, and courteous business. The harp looks and plays great and I'm very happy! I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again and I encourage anyone who is thinking of dealing with Pete to do so, a real pleasure. Thanks again, Pete!"
Jonny Fair, California

"You could not find a better or more honest person than Pete "The Jukester" Sheridan of Jukester's Harmonica Supplies. I can't remember when I first came into contact with Pete, just that it's been many years ago. He has given me and the harmonica community so much information through the years with his well written, interesting books on the harmonica and guitars. If you have read his books, you understand. If you haven't, buy them. He has done all the work and passed it on to us for just a few bucks. You will learn so much in such a short period of time that he has taken a lifetime to discover. Concerning his microphones, you can believe what he says when he describes them. Pete knows TONE, and won't sell an inferior product. Don't waste time on eBay, his prices are way better, and you will be sure to get a great product."
Stephen Edwards, aka "Silvereed" of The Blues Agave Band, Flagler Beach, Florida



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