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 Juke and The Tone Patrol: "That Straighter Line"


$15, including S&H

Tracks: 1) Big Leg Woman 2) Talk To Me, Baby 3) You've Been Gone So Long 4) Come On In My Kitchen 5) Got Love If You Want It 6) Rollin' and Tumblin' 7) You Don't Have To Go 8) Groove Push 9) Party Till The Cows Come Home 10) No Money Down 11) Just A Little Bit 12) That Straighter Line

 This is the band's official DEMO recording, best described as sounding like what might happen if Elmore James met Slim Harpo in Jimmy Reed's basement to jam, and Hound Dog Taylor and Little Walter stopped by to join in the fun. It's real juke joint music that takes you back to the sound of the blues bars of the 1950s - body music, meant for dancing and drinking and letting those good times roll, on and on. Recorded live in the studio on analog equipment, it's not your modern day super-clean, over-processed CD with pristine sound and no soul. It's raw and real, with a couple of bum notes and a less-than-perfect vocal or two left in, just as they happened, because the feeling was there. Featuring Pete Sheridan on lead vocals and guitar plus harp and mandolin, Josh Cunningham on harp, Fred Tumbleson on bass, and Bobby Dorsey on drums, it's the band's calling card, with a great mix of classic tunes and cool originals in the same mold. The guys were surely having big fun when these tracks were laid down. A fine example of blue collar blues, by a band that understands the meaning of the words tone and taste.



 AAA Blues Band: "High Water"

(Out of Print)

$15, including S&H

Tracks: 1) High Water 2) Wondering 3) Biscuits 4) Texas Tornado 5) Gator Tune 6) Lights Go Out 7) Tuba Intro. 8) The Last Time 9) Triple A Swing 10) Call Home Blues 11) Jack I'm Mellow 12) Texas Hambone Blues 13) Ice Cream Blues

 Based on cuts from this CD, including the title track, Triple A won Billboard magazine's "Best Unsigned Band of 1999" competition, beating out over 1200 other entries. A distillation of the band's sound in it's 8th year in existence, it showcases the professional ensemble approach to the blues that only a fully seasoned group of pros can produce at will. From the delta styling of the band's original "High Water" to the Chicago sound of Big Bill Broonzy's "Texas Tornado", there is lots of interplay between Pete Sheridan's harp and Andy Tolins' guitar in the fashion of the best electric blues bands of the 1950s. Excursions into Texas swing like "Texas Hambone Blues" and earlier jug band era tunes like "Biscuits" and "Jack, I'm Mellow" sit side by side with Willie Dixon gems such as "Lights Go Out". Add an original take on the old Stones chestnut "The Last Time", and you have the essence of Triple A's broad based blues persona. A great mix of original and classic blues in the music's many forms.

Some Reviews of "High Water"

"This band is definitely major league in talent, commitment, and musicianship. These are powerhouse blues, similar to those of The Nighthawks, but leaning more to the jumpin' jivin' side. Andy Tolins is a fine guitarist with a slightly muddy baritone voice that's all rumble and warmth. Pete Sheridan's harp has that heavy fat feel and the rest of the band cooks. If you like your blues jumpin' and supercharged, this is it."
Smokin' Joe Miklos, Billtown Blues Association.

"The Triple A Blues Band doesn't offer much in the way of sittin' and sulkin' blues. They transport you to the blues meccas of New Orleans, Austin, San Francisco, Chicago, and the Mississippi Delta. This CD perfectly captures the real blues with all its regional flavors intact. Dare buy this CD even if you are blues challenged, because it has it all - blues, jazz, rockabilly and crawdaddies. What more could you ask for?"
Mike Easton, Mode Magazine.

"This is a strong collection of The Triple A Blues Band's many diverse influences. The band creates their "bar room Americana" with a set of strong originals mixed with great covers, and this highly entertaining CD features great songwriting and playing as well as vocals. Needless to say, a great release from an emerging local talent."
Jeff Cameron, Media Play Magazine.


 AAA Blues Band: "Pork Chop Money"

$15, including S&H

Tracks: 1) Tight Like That 2) Pork Chop Money 3) Corkscrew 4) Blues Knocked Me Down 5) Lonesome Road 6) Sugardoo 7) (See You) By My Side 8) Talk To Your Daughter 9) Don't Call Me No Bum

 The band's follow up to their highly acclaimed "High Water" debut, this collection of tunes continues the documentation of the eclectic mix of old and new, classic and original tunes that mark the bands repertoire. With a higher percentage of original tunes on board this time, the emphasis is a little more laid back, though powerhouse offerings like the band's original tune "Corkscrew" and a unique take on Tommy Johnson's "Lonesome Road Blues" (as a mambo!) will put a smile on the faces of the fans of big-toned blues harp. The title track is a recitation style story about the life of the pool hall hustler, and is another original that features Pete Sheridan's harp work. Andy Tolins supplies some great vintage guitar tones and vocals, and the trip down the road of blues history continues, as the band enters it's 10th year, still going strong.

Some Reviews of "Pork Chop Money"

"Make no mistake, Triple A is a dyed-in-the-wool bar band that has its roots in traditional rhythm and blues. That "bar band" feel comes through well on this CD. The only thing missing is applause and the clanking of beer bottles - which you won't miss. The album is quite enjoyable and is a perfect companion for cruising down the road. It's plain to the listener that the Triple A Blues Band is in the game for fun."
Greg Patterson, Centre Daily Times.

"Showcasing their mix of jug band, Rhythm & Blues and Chicago blues styles, Triple A's latest is a musical trip through the heart of working class America. Fill 'er up and hit the highway!"
Johnna Cossaboon, Editor, Easy Reeding Magazine.



 Heather Sheridan: "Love Too Strong"

$15, including S&H

Tracks: 1) I Wanna Run 2) Another Night 3) Let Your Love Surround Me 4) Like The Thunder 5) Where Is God? 6) Love Too Strong 7) Sister Moon 8) Fade To Black 9) My Latest Obsession 10) Lost Hills 11) Safer Than The Truth 12) Only Love 13) Zion

 The debut offering by Pete's daughter Heather, this is a labor of love by a unique artist with the voice you won't forget. While not a blues album, being more in the contemporary singer-songwriter tradition, the feeling of the blues permeates the tunes throughout, and showcases Heather's three octave range in a program of entirely original compositions. Playing guitar in a variety of styles as well as producing the album herself allowed her to achieve a fully realized performance of some truly beautiful and thoughtful songs. Add great recording and production values that makes you feel like your were there in the room when the music was being made, and you have an excellent idea of what this artist has to offer. Heather's many years of performing as both a solo artist and as leader of a full fledged band throughout the Los Angeles area have given her the experience and chops to produce this highly recommended tour de force..

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