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The following mics are all suitable for use by harp players. I am not a mic builder. I find, repair, refurbish and offer dependable vintage mics with minimal modifications, usually limited to installation of new elements and/or gaskets and replacement of defective connectors. I do not install volume controls and normally do not do repaint jobs. Sometimes I acquire mics that have been repainted and/or have volume controls already installed. If a volume control is working, I leave it alone, but if it is defective I remove it. Personally, I prefer to use in-line volume controls and not violate the integrity of the shell. All mics are wired for high impedance, best used with a vintage-type tube amp. My goal is to supply dependable, working, vintage mics to harp players at reasonable cost. All mics are guaranteed to be in working condition when shipped. Prices are usually geared to be considerably lower than similar model examples offered by various other harp mic suppliers, including mics offered on eBay. S&H for mics sent to USA addresses is approximately $8. PHOTOS OF ANY MIC LISTED ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. Please check the Endorsements and Testimonials section at the end of the "About Pete" page for some satisfied customer comments.

----- ASTATIC -----

NOTE: All Model 200 mics have the handle removed and a male Switchcraft 2501 connector installed for a more comfortable cup.

#47 Brown finish Model A (early JT-30) with perfect chrome grille, new grille cloth, Switchcraft connector and riveted badge. The original crystal element is dated Dec 1939 and still kicks butt! Some minor scratches in the brown paint, but the mic looks great. Astatic didn't scrimp on metal in those days, and this thing feels really solid in your hand. $185

#88 Custom Gloss Black finish Model R-3 with polished metal grille, NOS Shure dynamic element, Switchcraft connector. Perfect for small venues. $155

#76 Original Brown finish Model R-3 with gray grille, Switchcraft connector, NOS hot Shure ceramic element #99A405, in original box with tags. $155

#69 Custom Gold finish Model R-3 with gold grille, NOS Turner ceramic element and Switchcraft connector. Looks great, light in weight, has distinctive Turner tone. $155

#90 Custom Canary Yellow finish Model 200 with gloss black grille, Switchcraft connector, NOS Turner ceramic element. Some very minor scratches, but still real eye candy with balls and warm vintage tone. $155

----- SHURE -----

#174 Model 520 Green Bullet with shell refinished in Gloss Black, chrome grille and Switchcraft screw-on connector. Element is Shure CM #99C86 upgraded to hi-z specs with Shure transformer. A beautiful mic with that Chicago blues sound. $185

#176 Model 520 Green Bullet with shell refinished in gorgeous Fiesta Red, chrome grille and Switchcraft screw-on connector. Element is Shure CM #99C86 upgraded to hi-z specs with Shure transformer. A real eye catcher that sounds as hot as it looks. $185

#52 Model 245 Uniplex ceramic with cord, same shape as the Shure Slim-X and it's Japanese clones, excellent tone. $180

----- TURNER -----

#185 Black finish Model +2 with chrome grille, handle removed and Switchcraft connector with 332A adapter installed. Volume control installed with

#63 Brown enamel finish Model BX Challenger with Shure CM element, possibly 99E86 (the ink is faded). Finish is near mint with new black grille cloth. A beautiful vintage mic with a retro "Buck Rogers" or "Flash Gordon" look and vibe with deep mellow tone. A real looker to boot. $185

#142 Satin Chrome finish Model CX Challenger with Shure 99-172 crystal element, a predecessor to the famed 99A94 "R7" element and has the same great sound. Finish is near mint with new black grille cloth - it looks as good as the BX above with the same "space patrol" vibe. $185

#186 Smooth metal finish Model 454, handle removed and Switchcraft connector installed with 332A adapter. Volume control installed with cool ivory knob and Shure CM element 99S556. Another great-looking mic with hot output allowing use of any guitar cord. Stand back and blow that loud guitar player off the stage, and let him/her hear what real tone sounds like. $185

#145 Brown finish "cupcake" model, slightly smaller than an Astatic biscuit, with incredibly hot unknown ceramic element, Switchcraft connector and 332A adapter for use with any guitar cord. This thing is LOUD! Small enough to give the inpression that you are not using a mic at all, with yards of tone. From my personal collection. $185

----- RCA -----

#133 Model MI-12016 w/Antique White grille, Hammertone Aqua shell and vintage Shure CM element #99A86. New black grille cloth and Switchcraft 2501 screw-on connector. Another beautiful mic with great tone, from my personal collection. $200

#164 Model MI-12016 w/Black Matte grille, Fiesta Red shell and vintage Shure CM element #99A86. Has matching red grille cloth and Switchcraft 2501 screw-on connector. Great looks and tone for the ages. $195

----- ELECTRO-VOICE -----

#158 Model 630, completely original, brushed chrome finish, on-off switch works perfectly and comes with new adapter for use with any guitar cord. Classic hi-impedance mic for harp and/or vocals. Built to last. $150

#166 Model 902 "Comet", all Brown Bakelite with original crystal element. Handle has been removed and a Switchcraft screw-on connector installed. Light as a feather, extremely easy to cup and sounds great. $150


#187 Realistic Turner knockoff that's got balls to the wall, with tone and volume that is amazing. Black plastic shell with a chrome grille, handle has been removed and a Switchcraft screw-on connector installed, plus a volume control consisting of a mini-pot and translucent knob from a Harmony Bobcat guitar, too cool! This mic does not have the usual Turner fin, but has eight very slightly raised rays that makes this thing incredibly easy to grip. The element is a Shure White Label CR #99H86. From my personal collection, this is one extremely light weight nasty sounding piece of gear. Think early Jr. Wells. Sounds killer through my Silvertone Twin Twelve. $200

#106 NOS Shaker dynamic element mic w/built-in volume control and new cord, factory serviced, ready to rock. A good practice mic for your bedroom or to be used for semi-acoustic gigs at venues where you can mic your amp through the PA. $75


Got a dead or damaged CR or CM element? Don't throw it out! Chuck Gurney can get that thing back on the air. Highly recommended by yours truly, his work is exceptional. In addition to repairs, he can convert low-z elements to high-z, at reasonable prices. Chuck can also build you a mic to your personal specifications, loaded with the element of your choice. Contact him at and mention my name. Also, check out the "mystery" mic he recently rebuilt for me on the Mic Builds page - it's number 75. UPDATE: Chuck is currently not in operation due to some personal health issues. He will return to work as soon as possible.


Got a Hohner chromatic that needs work? Mike Easton at Fathead Musical Instruments is the guy to go to for expert repair. He is simply the best. He also can supply you with parts, both new and vintage, both NOS and used if you do your own repair work. Check him out at and tell him I sent you. His list of satisfied customers includes Steve Guyger, Rick Estrin, Hendrik Merkins, Billy Gibson and your truly, among many others.


A vintage Astatic MC-151 crystal element for that old school sound. Pulled from a working JT-30 mic and still putting out the goods, rated at a strength of 8 out of 10. Good for years of service if you treat it right - keep it away from excess heat and/or cold and it will serve you well. $80 + S&H.

Heavy duty chrome quick-release mic stand extensions, 2 1/2 " long, with standard thread, fits JT-30, Biscuits, Shure Bullets, other harp mics. $10 ea.

Amphenol MC1F female screw-on connectors w/strain relief for JT-30, other vintage mic cords. $4 ea.

Switchcraft 332A adapters for JT-30, EV, or Shure mics with a screw-on connector. Allows use of any guitar cord. $16 ea.

Rare vintage 1950s in-line Amphenol on-off mic switch. Fits Astatic JT-30, Shure 245 Uniplex, Shure 533 Spher-O-Dyne, Shure 585 Unisphere, Shure 777 Slim-X, as well as several vintage Electro-Voice, Turner, and Universal mics, or any other mic with a screw-on connector. $35

Switchcraft A3F female 3-pin connectors as found on various Shure mic cords. $3 ea.

Switchcraft male A3M 3-pin connectors as found on various Shure mic cords. $3 ea.

Switchcraft male 4-pin input to standard 1/4" male plug output. $5 ea.

Astatic LT-6 line transformer 4-pin female lo-z to Switchcraft screw-on hi-z. $20

On-Off switch as found on Astatic 200S, some Electro-Voice mics. $2 ea.


All amps have been recently serviced and are guaranteed to be in working condition. Shipping by UPS ground, within continental USA only.


Model SJ-1 harp amplifier with Tuki cover and extra set of NOS vintage tubes. The original Pyle ceramic speakers have been upgraded to four vintage Jensen P8R alnicos with superior tone. The tweed cabinet has also been expertly lacquered by David Sarge, founder of Engineered Sound, formerly the top Fender repairman for the Cincinnati area. The SJ-1 was one of the first ever amps produced specifically of amplified harp, and this one sounds and looks fabulous. In Sonny's own words, "The SJ-1 was designed for the Little Walter Chess recording sound, and I think we nailed that." The design of the SJ-1 was derived from the tube circuitry of the vintage Masco Model MA17 PA system and the legendary Danelectro Commando Model 88 "suitcase amp", also issued as the Silvertone Model 1337. Robert Lockwood Jr. described this Silvertone amp in Living Blues Magazine as one of the main amps Little Walter used on the road. Photos supplied upon request. $1000 + $&H and insurance, shipped to USA addresses only. Local pickup is possible if you live within driving distance of Harrisburg, PA.


A pair of matched vintage 8 inch Stromberg Carlson alnico speakers, 8 ohms. ID # is 155715. Excellent shape, no tears, ready to install in a Champ or any amp that uses one or more of this size. $25 each, or take the pair for $40 + S&H


One vintage 15" alnico speaker, 8 ohms impedance. Excellent shape, no tears , holes or wrinkles. Excellent replacement for a blown bass speaker or for your custom designed cabinet. Will be packed securely for shipment. $25 + S&H


Prices for parts do not include S&H.

Fuse holder assembly for Fender and many other vintage amps. $3 ea.

Extra fuse holder caps for the above. $1 ea.

10k audio pots with solid shaft for some vintage amps and radios. $5 ea.


Tubes are either vintage NOS or working used items. All used tubes have been tested and no duds will be shipped. Availability of specific tubes is limited to supply on hand at time of inquiry. Prices for tubes do not include shipping. NOS tubes are $15, used tubes are $10 each.


5U4 - RCA, Sylvania, CBS, G. E.

5Y3 - RCA, Sovtek

5R4 - Ken-Rad


12AT7 - Raytheon, Groove Tubes, G. E.

12AU7 - Tung-Sol

12SQ7 - RCA

12SA7 - RCA

12J5 - RCA

6SN7 - RCA, Sylvania, Raytheon, Westinghouse, Dumont, G. E.

6SJ7 - Sylvania

6SL7 - RCA, CBS, Sylvania, Westinghouse

6K6 - G. E.

6X5 - RCA, Philco

6W4 - RCA

6H6 - G. E.

6AG7 - RCA

5879 - RCA(matched pair)$30

6AU6 - RCA, Sylvania, Westinghouse

6AL5 - RCA

6BQ7 - RCA

6AL7 - RCA

6SQ7 - Philco, Sylvania, ITT

3575 - Philco

----- POWER TUBES -----

6L6 - Tung-Sol, Sylvania, Westinghouse, Ruby

6V6 - Tung-Sol, Fender, Emerson, Sylvania, Sovtek, RCA, Ken-Rad, Electro-Harmonix, G. E.

----- ODDBALL TUBES -----

We have an assortment of oddball tubes, too many to list, on hand. Contact us with your needs, and we will try to fill your request, at bargain prices.


All harps are either reconditioned and sanitized or NOS. Availability limited to stock on hand. Price listed does not include S&H.

Pre-War Hohner 10-hole "The Chromonica" in straight Richter tuning. Beautiful gleaming cover plates and slide in near mint condition, shows very little playing history. Cleaned and reconditioned by ace harp tech Mike Easton, in original cardboard box. Original leather valves with metal tabs work perfectly, beautiful tone and amazing condition for a harp this old. A collector's dream. Key of G. $100

Pre-War Hohner 12-hole School Band Soloist in Tenor tuning, slightly smaller than a Model 270. Rare model, the tenor tuning makes it sound like a Model 280, deep and soulful. Too beautiful for words, my favorite harp for playing Dm blues because it's lighter and less bulky than a regular chromatic and still has the BIG tone. Key of C, in original cardboard box. $100

Pre-War Hohner Auto-Valve Harp, near-mint condition, wood body, 10 double holes, gleaming cover plates - beautiful! No box. Key of C. $50

Pre-War Hohner Auto-Valve Harp, 10 double holes, used but tone is awesome, tarnish on both cover plates. No box. Key of F. $35

Pre-War Hohner Marine Band Full Concert, wood body, 10 double holes, great sound, used but plays fine, comes on original slightly soiled cardboard box. Key of C, $40

Pre-War Hohner "The World Renown!" full concert harp, Number 3 CND, 10 double holes, slightly used and in excellent condition, near mint beautiful cardboard box. Awesome tone, first one of these I've seen. Wooden comb looks like new all the way around, has slight tarnish on cover plates. Key of D! $50

Hohner Echo Harp, Model 2209, wood body, 14 double holes, slightly used, w/original yellow plastic case. Key of C. $20

Hohner Solo-Tuned 12-hole Marine Band, Model 364, Eighties era, used but not abused, w/original red cardboard box. Key of C. $30

Vintage Hohner 10-hole Old Standby diatonics, older wooden body style in cardboard box, made in Germany, with real tone. Reconditioned and NOS from the late 1960s. Key of C only. $30 ea.

Pre-war 10-hole Old Standby diatonics, in vintage cardboard box, made in Germany with that luscious pre-war tone. Reconditioned and NOS. Key of C only. Get 'em while the supply lasts. $50 ea.

Hohner NOS 10-hole Vest Pocket Harp, smaller wood comb version of a Marine Band, cardboard box, Key of C only, limited supply. $20 ea.

Rare Hohner Educator I, beautiful 12-hole model(first 4 holes unnumbered)with contoured shape and unique tuning, near mint, w/original form-fitting blue cardboard hinged case in excellent condition. Key of C. $50

Rare 1950's Kratt Wayne Raney Signature "Talking Harmonica" set with mint Wayne Raney 10-hole harp and red plastic megaphone which fits onto the harp to amplify the sound. Great tone, and clean! Key of C. Comes with mint copy of Wayne Raney's Standard Harmonica Course (1958) containing his song "We Need A Whole Lot More Of Jesus", plus many others. $125

Rare 1950's Kratt Wayne Raney Signature 10-hole "Talking Harmonica", harp only, the plastic megaphone is not included. Some tarnish on cover plates, otherwise very good. Key of C. $25

Late 1950's era Kratt Hit Parade 10-hole diatonic. Key of C, near mint in original cardboard box. Red plastic comb, bolt on gleaming chrome cover plates. $30

Rare 1950's Chris-Kratt "Sinfonet" 10-hole diatonic in original cardboard box. Key of C, wooden comb looks like walnut, cover plates attached with nails like a vintage Marine Band. Near mint condition. $50

Rare 1940's era Varsity 10-hole diatonic, made by Gretsch in Brazil. Key of C with metal "Protectongue" smooth chrome metal guards on the edges of the tone holes. Near mint in original cardboard box. $50

Very rare 1940's era Lonne Glosson signature "Talking Harmonica" made by Gretsch with patented "Protectongue" feature and Lonnie's photo on original carboard box. Cover plates attached with bolts. Used but very playable and in tune. $50

Pre-War Hohner "The Echo" double sided tremolo tuned. Funky looking, 16 double holes, tarnished cover plates, but still sounds great. No box. Keys of A and D. $30

Eighties era Hohner Echo double sided tremolo tuned. Used but not abused, 20 double holes, sounds great. With funky prewar cardboard box. Keys of C and G. $30

NOS Hering 1923 10-hole Vintage Harp, made in Brazil, in plastic case, key of G. $20

Pre-War Hotz American Ace 10-hole diatonic in C, made in Germany, in vintage cardboard box with wild bomber illustration. $30

Pre-War Hotz Atta Boy 10-hole diatonic in C, made in Germany, in original vintage cardboard box $25

Evette wooden clarinet by Buffet. Comes with case, Pad Saver inserts, extra reeds, cork grease and good 5RV mouthpiece. Well maintained, recently re-padded. Great tone. $125

Vintage Elkhart alto sax, serial #56270. Pewter finish, good pads, no leaks, excellent tone. Comes with new padded carrying bag by TKL, new neck strap by Rico, and LeBlanc care kit with brushes, key oil, polishing cloth and swabs. Extras include cork grease, reeds, and a pair of mouthpieces, one brand new black composition S1 and the other a beautiful gold Otto Link Super Tone Master, used but in excellent shape. Both mouthpieces have reed guards and a Pad Saver is also included. A cool vintage horn, with all the goodies. Shipping to USA addresses only. $275 + S&H


Mid-Sixties Barclay full body archtop by Harmony, Made in USA, with white pickguard and vintage Teisco pickup installed. Original tuning gears, trapeze tailpiece, straight neck with rosewood fingerboard and flamed red and black sunburst finish. Great tone acoustically and has the real 1950s Chicago blues bar mojo when plugged in. Blows away anything made today with comparable workmanship. Photos supplied upon request. Comes with a politically correct sturdy chipboard case of the 1950s era. Shipping to USA addresses only. $255 + S&H

Recent Strat clone with maple neck, white body, excellent beater guitar that looks brand new. Not sure what type of wood was used for the body, but this axe is the lightest Strat I have ever lifted, and it has great sustain. Standard 3 pickups, smooth tremolo, new strings and it has the vibe and tone of a vintage piece. Comes with a new gig bag. Will be securely packed and shipped in a heavy duty guitar carton. A beater with class. Photos supplied upon request. Shipping to USA addresses only. $215 + S&H

Recent Telecaster clone with rosewood fret board on maple neck and early butterscotch finish body, black pickguard. A great beater axe with attitude. Looks as good as any vintage reissue. Comes with no-name heavy duty fitted hard case built like a truck and which could easily survive being run over by same. Shipping to USA addresses only. $225 + S&H


Prices for parts do not include shipping.

Vintage Ibanez stop tailpiece with mounting studs, gold finish. $15

Vintage Barcus Berry Model 1335 piezo contact pickup for acoustic instruments (guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle). Attaches with mastic or silicone rubber. $35

Vintage Ibanez Model 2000 piezo contact pickup for acoustic guitar, other stringed instruments. Attaches with self-adhesive backing tape. $35

Vintage Ibanez humbucker pickup with gold finish cover, 8.94K ohms output. $50

Vintage DeArmond plain top "Guitar Mike" pickup system for archtop guitar. Simplified "monkey on a stick" system without volume control. Pickup is hardwired to standard Switchcraft output jack, and the rod for the sliding pickup mounts on the side of the neck with 2 small screws. Great tone, usable on any archtop. $150

One vintage Teisco gold foil pickup (a Ry Cooder favorite) suitable for use in that "Coodercaster" guitar you've been thinking of building. Bright and shiny chrome housing with adjustable pole pieces, long lead wires, and 5.6K ohms output. Beautiful and sounds great. $100

Vintage NOS Kent WC-18 sound hole pickup for flat top guitar. Beautiful all-chrome copy of a DeArmond with volume and tone controls and a 10 foot cord with 1/4" plug end. Also includes adapter for use with any guitar cord. Sounds great and looks cool. $70

One set of vintage 6-in-line tuners from a Silvertone Model 1448 amp-in-case guitar, built by Danelectro. Comes with mounting screws, plus three original control knobs - a tone and a volume for the guitar plus the volume knob for the amp. $55

One Silvertone Model 1448 pickguard with original screws. Looks better than what's on eBay at twice the price. Also comes with the long screws used to attach the neck and pickup to the body. $25

One NOS Harmony rosewood fingerboard with frets and inlaid pearl position markers, in mint condition, never used. Fits all models of Rocket, Vibra Jet, Roy Smeck Electric, Meteor, Stratotone, etc. with Harmony's "Slim Line" neck of the Sixties. The Real Deal. $75

Vintage Harmony arch top chrome trapdoor style tailpiece. $15

Vintage Harmony Brazilian rosewood bridge for H22 electric bass, beautiful! $45

Vintage Harmony plastic strap buttons, white or black, with screw. $5 each.

NOS vintage white truss rod covers for Harmony/Silvertone/Airline guitars. $5 each.

Rosewood adjustable archtop mandolin bridge with nickel-plated thumb wheels. $15

Pair of Gibson straight style pickup selector switches. $10 each.

Set of Fender Telecaster string ferrules. $6

Springs for Fender Stratocaster tremolo device. $1 each.

Claw for Fender Stratocaster tremolo device. $1

Vintage six-on-a-plate chrome Kluson tuners as used on a lefty Strat or Tele. $25

Vintage Teisco chrome tailpiece for solid body guitar, mint. $15



Chess/Checker 1966 LP Catalog, with Artist Discography as of 1966. $10 + S&H

Cadet 1966 LP Catalog, with Artist Discography as of 1966. $10 + S&H

Chess/Checker/Cadet 1969-1960 LP Catalog, with Artist Discography as of 1969. $10 + S&H

Nashboro/Creed/Excello/A-Bet 1969 LP Catalog, with inserts listing WLAC Radio Programs and 45 rpm issues. $10 + S&H

Elektra 1967 LP Record Catalog. $5 + S&H

DOWN BEAT Magazine - Most issues in near mint condition, listed by date and cover story. $10 each + S&H

8/3/68 - John Lee Hooker Interview

6/26/69 - Mike Bloomfield Interview

2/27/75 - Focus on American Music

4/6/78 - George Benson Interview

4/5/79 - Chicago Blues Musicians

2/86 - Al Di Meola Interview

GUITAR PLAYER Magazine - Nearly complete collection of all issues from 1970s through 1980s. In excellent condition, no rips, tears or missing pages. No reasonable offer refused, but you must pay shipping. Comes in cardboard display cases w/clear plastic covers.


"Introduction to Keyboard" instructional DVD by Lee Davis. Covers everything from sitting position to learning the keys, scales, chords, reading music, etc. in fifty lessons, each separately accessible. New in box, never opened. Great gift for the aspiring player. $5 + S&H

Penn State University commemorative ashtray, white porcelain with gold trim. Has Penn State seal in the middle and the inscription "CENTENNIAL YEAR 1955" below. On the back is stamped "Mayer China, Beaver Falls and the number 155. Size is 4 by 5 inches. Perfect gift item for the die-hard PSU fan or alumnus who has everything he/she wants (almost). It's a Rip Engle artifact, before PSU went apeshit over Joe Paterno and his minions. Those were the days, my friend. $50 + S&H

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